Artful Calculator

Why can't our everyday tools be beautiful and useful? Introducing Artful Calculator. Now the best calculator for everyday tasks is also the most delightful. Explore arts from all around the world.

Artful Calculator.  Light up your Kindle Fire.

I'm Artful Calculator, the first app to bring amazing art into your day, every time you reach for a calculator. Let me fill your screen with beautiful artistic themes by talented artists from around the world. I'm easy to use and do things way better than your handheld calculator ever did.

Every day, I'll automatically choose a new art theme for you that lights up your Kindle Fire. And if you feel like changing it up yourself, just tap on my gallery to explore – I’m adding new art all the time! To find out more about any artist, just tap on their signature.

I love bringing a smile to your face, while saving you time and effort. I always remember what you're working on, so if you stop and go do something else, I'll have it all waiting for you when you come back. And my percentage guidance makes me perfect for tipping or discounts.

Lastly, you can say goodbye to losing track of where you are in a calculation - I show you exactly what's happening at all times, in clear, elegant type. If you do make a mistake, use backspace to quickly correct it, instead of starting over!

Try me today and you'll never touch another ordinary calculator.

What users are saying about Artful Calculator:

“Why NOT have a beautiful calculator? Recommend.”

“What a great excuse this app offers to say, ‘Well, I could do the math in my head, but I really like to look at the art!’

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